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Hot START batteries are manufactured in Ca / Ca eksapand technology with high starting capabilities . Hot START batteries belonging to the family warm battery of exceptional quality and performance. And besides representing the best price / performance ratio . They are intended for vehicles older production with not such a large number of electrical consumers , but can not meet the needs of mid-level vehicles and equipment newly produced .

The warranty period from the purchase date is 24 months .

Some of the advantages are:

  • High starting capabilities
  • Ca / Ca technology development
  • high reliability
  • Low consumption of distilled water
Table specifications Hot START battery passenger car
Art. Br. C2O (Ah) Tip kutije EN (A) DxSxV (mm) Pricvrscivanje Polaritet Tezina (kg)
160644 44 L1B 390 207x175x175 B13 0 11,3
160674 74 L3 680 278x175x190 B13 0 17,4
160699 99 L5 850 353x175x190 B13 0 22,4
161654 54 L2B 480 242x175x175 B13 0 13,5

Below you have the opportunity to look at a detailed description of the layout types box, polarities full version copy, measuring full copy as attachment types of batteries.